About Us

LikeMyDeal aims to change the way deals are found and shared online and in-store in the UK. LikeMyDeal will be giving cashback to its members based on their contribution to the site, the more deals you post that are liked, the more cashback you can make. The way we do this, is to share a portion of the commission from sales generated by this site with you, the people doing all the work to make the site as great as it is!


So how does it work?

When you post an online deal, if your deal is from a merchant (site) that we are affiliated with, you will earn part of the commission for all tracked and completed sales that come from the deal you've found. As we are a new site, the number of merchants we are connected with is relatively small. However, as we become more popular, this number will grow and you'll be able to earn cashback from a wider group of sites.